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approximate prices

Important, take into account

Can I bring any pets?

Pets aren’t allowed in the farmhouse, nor in the inside or in the outside.

Is there any catering service?

There is a catering service with a wide variety of dishes and menus that suit your taste and budget and can be brought to the house. This is an external and independent service to the house. To see details please contact Isabel, tel: 972877178 – 647727801

Can we do parties at the house?

Mas Huix is prepared and designed for small meetings and family celebrations or groups of friends with children who want to spend a few relaxing days in the house. Other kinds of parties are not allowed. The maximum capacity of the farmhouse and its facilities is 30 people. It is important to inform us before making the reservation if you are planning to do a celebration.

Can we use all the rooms of the house?

You can make use of all the common rooms and facilities of the house. As for the bedrooms and bathrooms inside the house that are not necessary according to the number of people of each group, they will be locked and you won’t be able to access them. In the farmhouse there will only be the number of beds according to the number of people in each group, distributed in rooms as agreed a few weeks before the stay.

It won’t be possible to enter the farmhouse nor its facilities for a bigger number of people than the reported at the time of the confirmation of the reservation.

Can we visit the Chapel?

The Chapel is closed and cannot be visited. If you are interested in using it, see the conditions before confirming the rent.

Is there heating in the entire house?

The house has heating in all rooms, and it is included in the rental price.

If you want heating in the Barn you will have to pay a supplement of 80 Euros.

What services will not be found at the house?

here won’t be a cleaning service for the house or the facilities during the stay.

There won’t be changing or cleaning for sheets nor towels.

If you are interested in any of these services please ask us before booking and we will let you know the extra fees.

Weekend (2 nights)
Full week (7 nights)
1.650,00 €
4.000,00 €
1.750,00 €
4.500,00 €
1.850,00 €
5.500,00 €
2.000,00 €
6.500,00 €

Information of the seasons

High season
April, May

Extra season
June, July, August (first three weeks only under complete rent), September

October, November, Desember

Low season
Months from January to March

*These rates are the minimum prices stipulated for groups of up to 28 people.
Please inquire rates for groups with a largest number of people.

*Check rates for specific dates: New Year, Easter, Sant Joan (23st June), long weekends and special events.

Prices include all applicable taxes on the property.

Arrival and departure hours:

Weekend rent: entry on Friday from 15h and departure on Sunday up to 18h.